Anti Conversion Bill: Karnataka Government Will Introduce Bill

Anti Conversion Bill: State government to introduce an anti-conversion bill in Karnataka Legislative Council.

The Karnataka government will introduce the anti-conversion bill in the Legislative Council on Thursday. The bill was already passed in the Karnataka Assembly.

The Karnataka Right to Freedom of Religion Bill was passed in December last year, but the bill is still pending in the Legislative Council.

Last May, Law, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy said, “We had passed the Karnataka Right to Freedom of Religion Bill.”

But due to some reason, it could not be passed in the Legislative Council, so the cabinet decided to bring an ordinance on Thursday.”

He had said that it would be presented to the council in the next session and passed.

Karnataka: Troubled by potholes, this person performed lying on the road, people supported by playing drums and drums.

In many districts of Karnataka, there was heavy rain in the last few days. Due to the rains, a water logging situation has arisen in many parts of the state including the capital Bengaluru.

At the same time, intermittent rains are still continuing in the state. The roads have got potholes due to the rain.

The displeasure of the people is against the administration due to the problems being caused by the rains.

In Karnataka’s Udupi district, a social worker protested against potholes on the roads in a unique way.

A social worker named Nithyananda Olakud demonstrated by lying on the road to draw the attention of the administration to these potholes.

During this, the people present with him are supporting his protest by playing drums and drums.

By lying on the bumpy road, he is attracting the attention of the people towards these potholes filled with water.

People had to face problems due to waterlogging.

Let us inform you that due to the rains, a severe situation of waterlogging had arisen in the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

The roads were filled with water for several days. People had to face a lot of difficulties in going to the office and dropping the children to school.

Many rivers of Karnataka are in spate, state administration is alert.

At the same time, many rivers of Karnataka are in spate due to rains in neighboring Maharashtra.

Sources in the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center said that the Krishna, Bhadra, Tunga, Bhima, Ghataprabha, Malaprabha, and Markandeya Hiranyakeshi have already overflowed.

All of them are flowing above their danger mark.

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