Denmark In The Knockouts Of Euro Cup, Defeating Russia

Denmark in the knockouts of the Euro Cup, defeating Russia.

After recovering from the Ericsson incident, Denmark entered the Euro Cup knockouts after beating Russia 4-1 on late Monday night here.

After scoring the goal, Danish striker Joachim Mahle went in front of the TV camera and gestured with his hand 10, which is Kristian Eriksson’s jersey number.

Ericsson had collapsed on the ground in the very first match due to a heart attack. Since then the team had lost two matches and it was a do-or-die match for them.

Denmark is now second in Group B and has advanced to the last-16. Denmark coach Kasper H said, “All the credit for this win goes to our players.

I can’t even imagine how he came back after the incident of the first match. Ericsson was discharged from the hospital on Friday.

Denmark, Russia, and Finland had three points each, but Denmark won on the basis of a better goal average. Belgium topped the group. Now Denmark will face Wales on Saturday.

Mikel Dansgaard opened Denmark’s account in the match by scoring in the 38th minute and the first half went to the team.

Denmark’s scoring streak continued in the second half as well. Yusuf Palsson scored from inside the box in the 59th minute to give Denmark a 2-0 lead.

However, Russia got a penalty in the 70th minute, and on this Artem Zuba scored a goal to get the team back in the match.

Nine minutes later, Andreas Christensen scored a goal to consolidate Denmark’s lead.

Denmark’s scoring continued and Joachim Mahle scored in the 82nd minute to extend the lead to 4–1, which the team held until the end of the match.

Belgium’s third consecutive victory:

World number one team Belgium, performing to their fame, beat Finland 2-0 by putting a hat-trick of victory.

They are the third team after Italy and the Netherlands to win three consecutive matches in the group stage.

Romelu Lukaku scored the second goal for Belgium in the 81st minute, his third goal of the tournament. The first goal came courtesy of Finnish goalkeeper Lukas Radeki who scored a suicide goal.

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