Firing At Australia’s Canberra Airport, 1 Person Detained

Firing at Australia’s Canberra Airport, 1 person was detained, and the main terminal was evacuated.

Australia’s Federal Police say the main terminal has been evacuated following a shooting at Canberra airport. One person was taken into custody. A weapon is also reported to have been recovered.

The police said that after watching the CCTV footage, only the person detained at this time is being held responsible for the incident. No immediate threat to public safety is seen.

According to a news agency, the police have confirmed the arrest of a person after the firing incident at the Canberra airport. Police said that no one was injured in this incident.

Firing at Australia’s Canberra: Police issued a statement on Sunday saying they took immediate action following the shooting incident at the airport’s main terminal building.

One person was taken into custody and a weapon was recovered. The police are considering only one person responsible for the incident and have examined the CCTV footage.

The Canberra airport terminal has been evacuated as a precaution after the firing incident. The situation at the airport is now being said to be under control.

Whereas ACT Police has asked the public not to come to the airport at this time. Police say they are working to resume flights from Canberra airport as soon as possible.

It is expected that airlines will resume this afternoon. Flights of the planes have been stopped, for the time being, some planes are still standing on the runway with passengers.

A full statement regarding this incident is expected soon.

 Swimming, driving, and even a job, Afghan women get freedom in Australia.

About 20 Afghan women come to learn swimming at an indoor pool in the western suburb of Sydney, Australia. All of them have reached Australia as refugees.

An Afghan woman who arrived in Australia about two decades ago teaches them swimming as well as gives information about the country’s beach culture.

Maryam Zahid, who arrived in Australia from Afghanistan 22 years ago, said her training helps women develop an identity for themselves and cope with the traumas of war.

According to the news agency, Zahid said, ‘It is something that will first affect the psychological and emotional aspects of their life to identify themselves as a human being.’

We are preparing memories for them. Memories of freedom, happiness, and opportunities.

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