Google’s New Security Camera Nest Cam Will Be Launched Soon

Google’s new security camera Nest Cam will be launched in India soon; Know the expected price, offers, and features.

Google Nest Cam India Launch: Google’s new security camera Google Nest Cam will be launched in India soon. Home Security Service has been launched by Google in India in partnership with Tata Play.

Google Nest Cam will be battery-based ie rechargeable. It will work on the satellite-based service of Tat Play. Let us know the complete details about it.

So will the price.

If we talk about the price, then Google Nest Cam can be launched in India for around Rs 11,999. Customers will be offered a free Nest Aware subscription worth Rs 4,500 with Google Nest Cam.

It will come with Tata Play Secure Play Plus plan. It will come in a Snow color option in India. The company claims that it has been made with the help of recycled material.

You will get these amazing features.

Google Nest Cam will be able to record 1080 pixels of HD video. Also, it will get a 130-degree field of view with a 2-megapixel sensor.

It will support HDR and Night Vision. Also, video recordings of 30 to 60 days will be available with the user plan.

Google Nest Cam Cam can be purchased from the Tata Play website. One to four camera support will be available in its annual plan of Rs 3000.

Whereas 5 to 8 cameras will be supported in the annual plan of Rs 6000. In the same annual plan of Rs 9000, support of 9 to 12 cameras will be available.

Google Nest Camera will come with dual-band Wi-Fi support and No Energy Bluetooth connectivity.

It will have an internet and Wi-Fi facility for video streaming and video recording. In the absence of Wi-Fi and internet, it will do one hour of local storage.

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