ICMR: Covaxin Is Effective Against Various Variants Of Coronavirus

ICMR: Covaxin is effective against various variants of coronavirus, ICMR study claims. Good news has come to light amid the growing threat of the second wave of Corona in the country.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in one of its research has found that the first indigenous corona vaccine made in India, Covaxin, is effective against various variants (variants) of coronavirus.

This Kovid-19 vaccine, known as Covaxin, has been produced by Bharat Biotech. In the country, from May 1, all people aged 18 years or above have been approved to apply for the vaccine.

In such a situation, this research, which came just before the expansion of the vaccination program in the country, has raised hopes. The double mutant variant is probably responsible for the second wave of Corona in the country.

The new variant of the corona i.e. the double mutant variant (B.1.617) was initially detected with two mutations in India.

It was first reported in India last year by a scientist and recently more information has been presented to the World Health Organization.

Last month, the Union Health Ministry acknowledged the presence of double mutants for the first time. Since then, double mutations have been found in 10 countries, including Australia, Germany, Britain, and the United States.

The speed of the corona is increasing day by day. The daily figure of the infected has reached nearly three lakhs. Experts are looking into the causes of the second wave of corona infection.

Recently, the National Institute of Virology (NIV) shared some data in a meeting with laboratories in Maharashtra.

Genome sequencing of 361 samples was carried out in the state from January to March, of which 220 (about 61%) were found to have double mutant variants.

According to sources, genome sequencing of 1.40 lakh samples has been done across the country.

What is B.1.617 (B.1.617)?

The double mutant variant is classified as B.1.617. Both E484Q and L452R mutations have been found in them.

These variants have been found to be different in many countries, but for the first time in India, the two have come together.

Both mutations have occurred in the spike proteins of the virus, which make it easier for the virus to enter the cells of humans.

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