India And Russia To Conduct A 13-Day Mega Military Exercise

India and Russia to conduct a 13-day mega military exercise in Volgograd. India and Russia have had a good relationship for a long time.

To make it stronger and deeper, India and Russia are going to conduct a 13-day Vishal Sen exercise together.

Let us inform you that India and Russia will together start a 13-day mega military exercise from August 1 in the Russian city of Volgograd.

The military exercise is to keep an eye on counter-terrorist operations and for tremendous preparation against international terrorist groups.

Massive military exercise of India and Russia.

Giving this information on Tuesday, the Indian Army said that India and Russia will conduct a massive 13-day military exercise with a focus on counter-insurgency operations in Volgograd from August 1.

Volgograd is a major Russian city on the west bank of the Volga River.

Describing the mega military exercise of the two countries, the Indian Army said that the 12th edition of the ‘Indra’ exercise will be another ‘milestone’ in strengthening bilateral security cooperation.

Bilateral security cooperation build on the longstanding friendship between India and Russia serves to strengthen the bond.

The Indian Army said that 250 personnel from both India and Russia will participate in the 12th edition of the joint military exercise.

“The 12th edition of Indo-Russian joint military exercise INDRA-21 will be conducted in Volgograd, Russia from August 1 to 13,” the army said.

This huge military exercise will be done against international terrorist groups

This 13-day massive military exercise by India and Russia will be conducted under the framework of United Nations Joint Forces against International terror groups.

The exercise will conduct anti-terrorist operations.

“Exercise Indra-21 will further strengthen mutual trust and interoperability between the Indian and Russian armies and enable sharing of best practices between the troops of the two countries,”

The Army said in a statement ahead of the India and Russia exercises. Also, the Indian Army said that the Indian Army contingent participating in the exercise will include a Mechanized Infantry Battalion.

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