Kerala Catholic Church Announces Welfare Schemes

Kerala Catholic Church announces welfare schemes for large Christian families.

A Catholic Church in the heart of Kerala has announced a welfare scheme for large Christian families in Kerala.

Welfare schemes have been announced in a move to encourage families with five or more children and increase their community numbers in the state.

Father Joseph Kuttiankal of the Catholic Church said that this announcement has also been made to provide support to large families in the COVID-19 scenario.

Father Joseph Kuttiankal. 

Father Joseph Kuttiankal, head of the Family Apostolate under the Catholic Church, told the news agency that the initiative was launched by the Family Apostolate under the Church’s Pala Diocese.

It has decided to provide monthly financial assistance of Rs 1,500 to couples who have been married for a year. after 2000 and have five or more children.

‘It was announced by the Church as part of the ‘Year of the Family’ celebrations. This initiative is meant to provide support to large families especially in the COVID-19 scenario.’

Regarding the launch of the welfare announcement, Father Joseph Kuttiyankal said that we will start receiving applications soon and most likely, we will be able to give assistance from August.

Know more about the announcement.

The Catholic Church in the heart of Kerala announced a welfare scheme for large Christian families in Kerala on Monday at an online meeting of Bishop Joseph Kuttiankal.

Bishop Joseph, on the announcement of the welfare scheme, said that the share of the Christian population in Kerala has been cut off over the years, due to which the issue of this scheme was a ‘reality.

Father Kuttiyankal said that ‘it is a fact that the population of the Christian community is decreasing. Our growth rate is low.

This is also a reason, but the immediate reason is to provide assistance to large Christian families after the pandemic.’

Giving detailed information about the Christian community of Kerala, Father Kuttiyankal said that during the formation of Kerala, Christians were the second-largest community in the state.

But now, this community is only 18.38% of the total population of the state. In recent years, the birth rate in the Christian community has dropped to 14%.

Father Kuttiyankal said the scheme was announced for couples marrying after 2000, as ‘eldest children of couples who started a family before that year would have completed their education and contributed to their respective families’.

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