Madras HC Refuses To Quash IT Notice Issued Against Karti

Madras HC refuses to quash the IT notice issued against Karti. Madras High Court refuses to quash Income Tax Department notice issued against Karti Chidambaram.

The Madras High Court has refused to quash the Income Tax Department notice issued against Karti Chidambaram, son of former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram and others.

Karti Chidambaram, MP from Sivaganga, is alleged to have sold 5.11 acres of land to Agni Estates and Foundations Pvt Ltd and did not show the amount of 6.38 crores in the deal.

In this case, proceedings were initiated against him under Section-148 of the Income Tax Act.

Karti Chidambaram and others involved in the deal had termed the proceedings illegal, without jurisdiction, and violative of Article 14 of the Constitution, also appealed for its cancellation.

Madras HC refuses to quash the IT notice. 

Dismissing the petitions, Justice SM Subramaniam said that these writ petitions were filed challenging the show cause notices issued under Section 153C of the Income Tax Act.

The court said that the process of evaluation/re-evaluation is yet to start in this case. The petitioners are expected to seize the opportunity and defend their case in accordance with the law.

The judge said that the scope of judicial review under Article 226 of the Constitution is all those processes through which a decision is taken by a competent authority in accordance with the provisions of law.

The court said that in this case the competent authority should be allowed an opportunity to examine the seized material.

The Court will not interfere with the ‘Show Cause Notice’ stage as far as the existing writ petitions are concerned. Such judgment is the principle of law to ascertain the truth.

Any interference at this stage would adversely affect the due process of law.

Mother of espionage accused in UAE jail reaches Kerala High Court.

A woman from Kerala has approached the High Court seeking a direction to the Center to provide necessary help to her son, who is in jail in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Her son was arrested for allegedly spying for India. In the petition filed by Shahubnath Biwi, it has been claimed that his son Shihani Meera Sahib Jamal Muhammad is being tortured in jail.

She is being harassed and Indian Embassy or Central Government is not helping.

Jamal’s mother, who has been lodged in the UAE’s Abu Dhabi Central Prison since August 25, 2015, has said in her petition that she is not even being given legal aid so that she can defend herself in court.

However, Shahubnath has not yet received any reply regarding the petition.

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