Pakistani Hackers Are Targeting Indian And Afghan Installations

Pakistani hackers are targeting Indian and Afghan installations, failure in most attempts.

Pakistan is apprehensive of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Due to this Pakistani hackers are trying to hack the sites of important Afghan government installations along with the Indian government.

Pakistani hackers are also targeting the personal accounts of Indian military officers.

According to the report of a news website, Pakistani hackers are targeting Google, Twitter, and Facebook accounts in search of sensitive information. But in most of their efforts, they seem to be failing.

Hackers are using the method called Sidecopy ART.

According to the report, the latest research by Malwarebytes suggests that hackers are using new methods for their activities. They are using a method called side copy ART.

Malwarebytes researcher Hussain Jaji has said this. According to Jaji, the target of Pakistani hackers are currently India and Afghanistan.

Chinese hackers targeted Russian government websites.

On the other hand, a few months ago hackers from China targeted the websites of the Russian government.

According to a report, the software was used to hack the websites of Russian government agencies with the aim of stealing confidential government data.

The government of India issued a helpline number regarding online fraud.

Let us tell you that the cases of online fraud are increasing rapidly in India. To curb these cases, the central government had issued helpline number 155260 recently.

However, in most cases, it has been seen that people have fallen prey to the same type of online fraud.

For the people who are rapidly moving towards digital, now the cases of online fraud have intensified. A special initiative is being run by the government regarding its awareness.

The remaining six Rafale jets will be in India by April 2022, no obstacle due to Corona – French Ambassador

French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lennon has said that 30 Rafale aircraft have been handed over to India so far while the remaining six will be delivered by April next year.

He said that Corona could not become a hindrance in the timely delivery of Rafale. Emmanuel Lennon said that the delivery of Rafale would be done on time as per the contract.

The factories and many companies may have been closed for a few weeks due to Corona, but we did not let this hinder the delivery.

He said that for the timely delivery of this defense deal, all the teams stand by day and night and even on weekends. are working.

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