State Investigation Agency Raids In Jammu

State Investigation Agency raids in Jammu: One more action in a Terror funding case. Another big action has been seen in Jammu and Kashmir in the Terror funding case.

Teams of the State Investigation Agency, the investigating agency of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, are conducting raids in some areas of Jammu regarding the terror funding case.

It is being told that the State Investigation Agency is conducting this raid in different areas of Jammu on the basis of intelligence inputs. Earlier this team has also hit raids in Delhi and Haryana.

In fact, in April this year, the Jammu and Kashmir State Investigation Agency (SIA) conducted raids in Haryana besides Delhi and formed a team to investigate cases related to terrorism and separatism.

According to sources, the places where the SIA has raided are of suspected accused involved in terrorist activities and hawala or terrorist funding.

It is worth noting that in February 2022 this year, the State Investigation Agency arrested 10 overground workers (terrorists) of Jaish-e-Mohammed during raids in South and Central Kashmir.

The members of the module were arranged vertically as sub-modules so that the larger network could not be exposed in the event of a single member is detected.

More than 250 terrorists became active again, where the Indian Army destroyed terrorist hideouts in PoK in the surgical strike.

Notorious around the world as the master of terrorism and terrorists, Pakistan has once again gathered a large number of terrorists across the border.

Terrorists have rebuilt the bases destroyed by the Indian Army in the surgical strike with the help of Pakistan and are now ambushed in preparation for infiltration.

If sources are to be believed, with the help of Pakistan and ISI, more than 250 terrorists who are harboring nefarious designs in the villages of PoK are trying to infiltrate India through Kashmir.

These terrorists are waiting for a bigger conspiracy by infiltrating the bases located in PoK. However, after this input, the security agencies issued an alert.

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