Adopted Son In Karnataka: Burned Mother Alive, Threatned To Kill Father

Adopted son in Karnataka; Burned mother alive, threatening to kill the father: Karnataka News. An incident similar to the Hollywood film ‘Orphan’ has come to light in Bengaluru.

In fact, a couple in Bengaluru had adopted an orphan child, that child set his mother on fire and is now threatening to kill his father as well.

This information has been given by the local police. At present, the police have arrested the accused.

Uttam Kumar is the name of the accused. According to the police, Manjunath and his wife did not have children, so they adopted the accused.

Mother was killed in 2018.

However, after some time the accused Uttam Kumar started disrespecting his parents and also started hating them.

Police said that the accused Uttam Kumar had burnt his adoptive mother alive in the fire in the year 2018 itself, for which he was arrested, but after being released, he started threatening to kill his father.

Threatening to kill the father.

The victim’s father Manjunath told the police that he has five houses in which tenants live, and his son wants the rent money to be given to him.

When Manjunath refused to do so, the accused started threatening to kill him. The police also said that the accused went to the tenants and threatened them at gunpoint to pay the rent only to him.

When the police went to arrest him, the drama started. Sadashivnagar police have arrested him and further investigation is on.

Tamil Nadu Rain Alert: North India including Delhi will soon get relief from the cold wave.

According to the India Meteorological Department, the temperature is expected to be normal in North India.

While the maximum temperature in some parts may be above normal. At the same time, IMD has also issued rain alerts in many states.

It is raining heavily in Tamil Nadu.

In view of incessant heavy rains at isolated places in Tamil Nadu, schools and colleges in Thanjavur and Pudukkottai districts will remain closed today i.e. on Saturday, February 4.

The concerned district collectors have ordered this.

Due to the depression over the Bay of South-West Bengal, Thanjavur and Pudukkottai districts are receiving heavy rains and hence schools and colleges in the districts have been asked to remain closed.

Schools remained closed on February 2.

Earlier on February 2, schools and colleges were closed amid heavy rains in the Nagapattinam and Tiruvarur districts of the state.

A holiday was declared for schools and colleges in the Nagapattinam district, while only schools were closed in the Tiruvarur district.

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