Anekal Government Hospital Has Been Accused Of Negligence

Anekal Government Hospital Has Been Accused Of Negligence in outskirts of Bengaluru in Karnataka. Anekal Hospital, is the site of chaos.

Coronavirus prevalence in the state continues. The infected are dying without adequate medical care, including oxygen from time to time. Coronavirus attacks continue in the outskirts of Bangalore.

A person died without bed and treatment in Anekal Government Hospital . Moreover, the corpses of the deceased  have been replaced by the of the doctors of the Anekal Public Hospital.

Relatives of the deasesed and the public of the Anekal town have expressed outrage against the government and doctors. Basavaraju, a resident of Bandapur in Anekal taluk, suffered from severe respiratory problems.

Doctors and staff did not treated him immediately when he was rushed to Anekal Government Hospital. Thus he has died of corona infection.

At least the patient was not checked by doctors and staff. Manjunath, a relative of the deceased, alleged that Corona patient had died of infection due to negligence of doctors and staff.

Anekal Government Hospital has also been accused of negligence against doctors and the corpses of corona victims. The deceased’s relatives have protested against the government and the hospital administration.

On the 5th of the same month, Muthugatti Vasi Manjunath was admitted to the Anakal government hospital with coronavirus. Hospital staff have handed over the corpse to relatives that Audrey died from coronavirus.

Relatives also attended the funeral. But by the evening, the hospital staff who hit Ulta say your corpse is in the hospital.

Hilali has given you the corpse of a village man. Instead of the corpse of manjunath, Annekal Government Hospital has said, “Take your body away and give it twenty thousand.”

It is the mirror that has caught the neglect of doctors at the Anakal Government Hospital. What if the dead are dead? Yet what about the tempo of Corona patients.

Krishnappa and Ambarish, relatives of the deceased, have urged the government to take immediate action against the other culprits.

In the meantime, Begahalli Vasi Sitaram, of Anekal Taluk, has found the corpse of a corona infection. The corpse of his mother, Ratnamma, who died of corona infection, is being buried at home.

The villagers objected and informed the local Bannerghatta police. Sitaram was persuaded by the Bannerghatta police who arrived at the scene and finally performed the funeral in the garden.

Despite the government’s rapid actions against corona, coronavirus remains  a serious disease for those who are infected with it and are without oxygen, beds, and cremations.

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