APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq May Be Released

APHC chairman Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq may be released today: Kashmir. Amid the constantly improving situation in the valley and the resuming political activities.

The Union Government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to end the detention of Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq, chairman of the moderate faction of All Party Hurriyat Conference.

He can be released today on Wednesday if the circumstances are favorable. He can also visit the historic Jamia Masjid on 5 March to offer Namaz-e-Jumma.

APHC chairman Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq was placed under house arrest as a precaution in the wake of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act being implemented on 5 August 2019.

His detention was reportedly terminated after about three months. Despite this, he did not leave his house. He cited his detention, which was denied several times by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Meanwhile, he reportedly made a secret trip outside Kashmir as well. Last year, the administration once again put him under house arrest as a precaution to maintain law and order during the DDC elections in Wadi.

Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq, although he has not publicly participated in any political or social activity outside his home in Kashmir since August 2019, has been organizing meetings of Hurriyat leaders at his home.

Apart from this, he has also had meetings with various religious organizations.

Although the state police have refused to say anything about his detention, sources said that Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq is also holding a meeting at his house on Wednesday.

They will be formally released from detention. On Friday, he can also come for the Namaz-e-Jumma at the historic Jamia Masjid in Down-Town.

Sticky bombs wreaked havoc in Afghanistan, Kashmir video used.

Terrorist organizations have sent sticky bombs to the Valley with the help of Pakistan troops to revive the terrorism that is dying in Kashmir.

How to prepare and use these sticky bombs or Chubanki bombs that wreak havoc in Afghanistan-Israel. A video giving information about this is getting very viral these days in the valley.

This video has been produced by the terrorist organization People’s Anti Fascist Front. Through this video, he is seen preparing the bomb and informing the terrorists about its use.

The viral video has awakened not only the security agencies but also the army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

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