IGP Vijay Kumar Said- We Wanted Faisal To Surrender

IGP Vijay Kumar said- We wanted Faisal to surrender but his teammates did not let it happen: Shopian Encounter.

The pro-Pakistan terrorist organizations are pushing the youth of Kashmir to death. It is a matter of regret that despite repeated appeals by them, the youth of the valley is coming in their way and adopting the path of terrorism.

We have also appealed to family members many times to keep an eye on the activities of their children. If they are going on the wrong path, then call them back in time.

The entire effort of the Jammu and Kashmir Police and Army is to bring back the youth on the path of terrorism amidst false claims back to the mainstream.

This is the reason why many times during the encounter they convince the terrorists to surrender.

This was said by Vijay Kumar, IGP, Kashmir Zone. He said that the three terrorists who had gone to the security forces in Chitrigam, Shopian, were given the opportunity to surrender several times.

Among the terrorists surrounded was 14-year-old Faisal, who went missing from home a few days ago. His family members were brought to the site of the encounter.

Faisal, the only brother of four sisters, has been requested by his family members to return several times, citing a family. Faisal had made up his mind but the other terrorists present with him did not allow him to do so.

One terrorist was killed by security forces on Saturday itself, while two others were surrounded by security forces till morning.

Once again Faisal’s family members were called to the encounter site.

The family asked him to return. But this time Faisal refused it. As a result, both the terrorists were killed during the encounter.

Among the slain militants is 14-year-old militant Faisal Gulzar Gani resident Chitrigam Kalan, as well as District Commander Asif Ahmad Gani resident of Alibadar, Chitrigram Kalan Shopian, and Ubaid Ahmed resident Ganovpora Shopian.

The IGP once again appealed to the youth of Kashmir and their families not to get into the lies of terrorist organizations. They are spoiling their future by following the path of terrorism.

They are also becoming sad for their family members. He said that after Faisal’s departure, now who will take care of other family members including his four sisters.

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