Nikki Haley: America’s Relations With India Are Strong

Nikki Haley: America’s relations with India are strong, give a befitting reply to China and Pakistan.

Presidential elections are to be held on 3 November in America. In such a situation, there are only a few days left for elections here.

Meanwhile, campaigning is being done in full swing on behalf of Democrats and the Republican Party. Bharatvanshi Nikki Haley is also campaigning for President Trump.

Addressing the Indian American community, he spoke on a range of issues including Indian and American relations. During this time he stopped his financial support for Pakistan and also gave his views on China.

India and America have good relations

Nikki said, ‘America has never had such a strong relationship with India before. Praising India, he said that there is democracy and it coincides with America ‘.

He further said, ‘President Donald Trump and Prime Minister meet well with Narendra Modi. Along with this, both countries are partners in defense, trade, and other areas.

At the same time, he said that America’s relations with India, Australia, and Japan are getting stronger.

Trump stops billions of dollars in aid for Pakistan

Nikki said in her address that Pakistan is trying to shelter terrorists as well as kill American soldiers. Keeping this in mind, Trump has refused to provide aid to Pakistan for billions of dollars.

Let us tell you that two-time Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley was the first cabinet ranking Indian American in any presidential administration. She is now campaigning for Trump and seeking votes.

Notice to China for intellectual property theft

Attacking China, he said that China has become the biggest national security threat to the United States. He called China a threat of numbers. Nikki said he has put China on notice for intellectual property theft.

The activities of notorious Russian companies in the case of cyber attacks have not stopped. The US has approved a ban on one such company today. This company has been found to be involved in cyberattacks in industrial areas.

According to the US Treasury Department, this institution running under the Russian government is the Central Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics.

In 2017, the organization was convicted of cyber attacks in oil industrial areas of Middle Eastern countries. The purpose of these attacks has been to steal the data here and ask for ransom after the attack.

These attacks were also posing a serious challenge to the human life-saving systems in the oil fields. Last year, cyber attackers also tried to break into twenty electric fields in the US.

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