Second Major Commander Of Palestinian Jihadist Group Killed

Second major commander of the Palestinian jihadist group was killed in the Israeli attack, 31 killed, and 253 injured in three days of conflict: Israel Palestine Tension.

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian Islamic jihadists continued for a third day on Sunday.

Khalid Mansour, the second major commander of the Islamic jihadist group, was also killed on Saturday night in an airstrike by the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip.

A day earlier, the top commander of the Islamic Jihadist group, Taisir al-Jabri, was killed by the Israeli army.

Rockets are being fired at each other.

Rockets are being fired at each other by the Israeli army and Islamic jihadist groups.

The Palestinian jihadist group also fired more than 100 long-range rockets against Israel in response to air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Islamic Jihad’s al-Qaeda Brigade confirmed on Sunday that Islamic Jihad’s southern commander Khalid Mansour and two of his associates had been killed in Rafah, southern Gaza city.

Second major commander of the Palestinian jihadist group was killed: 31 people died so far.

Gaza’s health ministry said 31 people had died from Friday to Sunday, including six children and four women.

Apart from this, 253 people are injured. At the same time, Israel estimates that about 15 terrorists have been killed in its airstrikes.

Israel launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Friday.

It is noteworthy that Israel launched air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Friday amid warnings of an attack by the Islamic Jihadist group.

Meanwhile, the Hamas group that governs Gaza, which waged an 11-day war with Israel in May 2021, is currently shunning the conflict. Hamas hasn’t commented on this yet.

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At the same time, on August 3, a group of 30 Sikhs from Afghanistan reached India.

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