Tamil Nadu Girl Student Death Case: Body Reaches Village

Tamil Nadu Girl Student Death Case: Body reaches village for last rites after the death of girl student in Kallakurichi, a family mourns.

After the death of a Class 12 student in Tamil Nadu’s Kallakurichi, her body was brought to her native village in the Cuddalore district by ambulance on Saturday.

Seeing the dead body of the student here, the family members and local people burst into tears.

Earlier, the ambulance carrying the dead body met with a minor accident about 10 km from Veppur on the Trichy bypass road.

The ambulance and its accompanying escort vehicle collided with a container lorry.

The girl’s body reached the village for the last rites.

Local people in the girl’s native village in the Cuddalore district mourned her death. After several days of her death, the girl’s body has reached her native village for the last rites.

On July 17, there was violence in Kallakurichi.

Reportedly, the body of the student was handed over to her parents at the Kallakurichi Government Medical College and Hospital.

Meanwhile, policemen were deployed to stop the vehicles outside the hospital premises. Apart from this, barricading was also done.

Senior police officers were also present during this. Due to the death of the girl student, there was an incident of violence and vandalism in a school in Kallakurichi on July 17.

Tamil Nadu Girl Student Death Case: The mother signed the hospital documents.

The mother of the deceased student signed the official documents at the Kallakurichi Government Hospital after receiving the body for last rites.

The girl committed suicide by jumping from the dormitory of the private school.

Commission for Protection of Child Rights visited the school.

Following the death of a class 12 girl in Kallakuruchi, members of the Commission for Protection of Child Rights visited the school on Thursday and conducted a detailed investigation.

The commission said that the hostel did not have a license. This hostel was also not registered under the Act.

Saranya Jayakumar, a member of the Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights, said that we were told that some 24 girls and 83 boys were staying there.

Application for a hostel license will be made.

He said, ‘Any private hostel in Tamil Nadu has to be registered under the Hostel Act.

This is a warning. All schools, colleges, and private hostels will have to apply for a license under the Act, and it should be approved by the District Magistrate.’

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