Amazon Online Pharmacy: Now Medicines Will Be Available Online

Amazon Online Pharmacy: Now medicines will be available online, Amazon online pharmacy launched. An Amazon spokesperson said in the statement that it is particularly relevant at the moment because it provides customers with their essential needs to stay safe at home.

Amazon has launched an online pharmacy in Bangalore, the capital of India’s southern state of Karnataka. The company has started taking orders for over-the-counter and prescription-based medicines in Bangalore. (In India, antibiotics and many other medicines can often be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription). Amazon Pharmacy is also selling traditional herbal medicines and some health devices such as glucose meters, nebulizers, and handheld massagers.

An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement that in particular, currently relevant, online drug sales in India for which there are no clear rules in Delhi, this is a big opportunity for Amazon. Amazon has a tough competition with Flipkart in India. Amazon’s foray into the pharmacy business is not new, the company has hired several health experts in recent years. It acquired an online pharmacy startup Pilpack in 2018 for about $ 1 billion.

These startups offer enticing customers on every order to increase their market share just like any e-commerce company. Amazon says it is also offering a discount of up to 20% on all orders, as it will help customers meet their essential needs to stay safe at home.

In recent months, Amazon has expanded many businesses in India. It started its food delivery service in parts of Bangalore in May and a month later it got approval to sell and deliver liquor in West Bengal.

After Amazon, now the e-commerce giant Flipkart will also make home delivery of liquor. For this, it has tied up with a startup in which Diageo, the leading winemaker, has a stake. Initially, the delivery of alcohol will be done in two Indian states. Which includes West Bengal and Odisha. The e-commerce company has seen government letters in this regard.

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