Atrocities Continue On Minorities In Pakistan, Boris Johnson

Atrocities continue on minorities in Pakistan, now Boris Johnson voiced.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday demanded Pakistan to guarantee the fundamental rights of its people during the parliamentary session.

MP Khan had questioned whether the government should make it clear to Pakistan that it has become necessary to stop the government-backed atrocities.

In Pakistan, the process of atrocities and atrocities against minorities is going on and all the countries of the world are aware of this.

Prime Minister Johnson was answering the question of MP Imran Ahmed Khan.

Johnson replied, ‘I agree with my esteemed friend and I can tell him that this is why the Minister of South Asia recently took up the matter with the Minister of Human Rights of Pakistan.

we urged the Government of Pakistan to give its public Guarantee the fundamental rights of.

Ahmed Khan while addressing the Parliament said that when the war against Covid-19 is going on in the country, it should also not ignore human injustice and stop the atrocities and atrocities against minorities.

Hamad Khan referred to the Ahmadi man Mehboob Ahmad Khan in Peshawar and questioned whether the crime of the murder was covered under Pakistani law.

Indeed, MP Ahmed Khan said, ’82-year-old Mehboob Ahmad Khan was shot and killed on Sunday. Khan is the fourth Ahmadi Muslim killed recently in Peshawar.

Did he commit a crime under Pakistani law? He called himself an Ahmadi Muslim whose cult is ‘love for all, hatred for none’.

Do my esteemed friends agree with me that hatred in Pakistan ends on the streets. The government should make it clear to Pakistan that support for atrocities against minorities in the country should cease.

Pakistan has been under criticism for atrocities and exploitation of minorities. The cases of persecution of minorities at the hands of government officials continue to come up.

He further said, Do my esteemed friends agree with me that there is hate violence in Pakistan which ends in the streets.

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