BJP Accuses The Kerala Govt Of Inequality Regarding Covid Policy

BJP accuses the Kerala government of inequality regarding policy related to the epidemic in the state. In Kerala, BJP Vice President S Radhakrishnan attacked the state government.

Referring to the lack of a definite policy regarding the Epidemic Act in the state, he said that the government was not implementing it in every case.

BJP accuses the Kerala government: The BJP leader’s statement has come to the fore after the Kerala High Court criticized the government for not managing the crowd properly in public places.

He said, ‘If only 20 people can attend the funeral in an ordinary family, then how 300-400 people are allowed to attend such mourning in a VIP’s family, don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

If there is a protocol in it, it should be applicable to all in the same way. But the state government implements the law somewhere to save some people and nowhere, it’s dangerous.’

Let us inform you that for the first time in the country, a medical student infected with Coronavirus is again in the grip of Covid-19. She was found corona infected on 30 January last year.

She had returned from the city of Wuhan in China, from where this epidemic has spread all over the world.

The man who killed the neighbor for singing loudly in Kerala did not get relief even from the High Court.

The Kerala High Court upheld the life sentence of a man accused of stabbing a neighbor to death while singing a loud devotional song.

The accused had allegedly committed this incident after obstructing the education of the daughter.

However, the High Court acquitted one of the co-accused in the case, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the trial court.

The court held that he was not guilty of murder and like the primary accused, his intention was not to kill the neighbor.

Justice K. Vinod Chandran and Justice Ziyad Rehman AA said, “The victim will not even have any idea that singing bhajans in the courtyard of the house will result at the end of her life.”

An intolerant neighbor killed him. The incident happened on March 19, 2011, when Shashidhar Pillai was singing a devotional song. Then his neighbor came along with two others and stabbed him to death.

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