Bomb Threats Strike Bengaluru And Jaipur Hospitals, Police On High Alert

Bomb Threats Strike Bengaluru and Jaipur Hospitals, Police on High Alert.

Bomb Threats Strike: Innocent lives are at risk as bomb threats target hospitals in Bengaluru and schools in Jaipur and Delhi-ACR.

Stay informed as authorities respond to threats in multiple cities. Details on the incidents and police efforts. Innocent blood will be shed’, 6 hospitals in Bengaluru received bomb threats.

Police said on Monday that six private hospitals here had received bomb threats through emails.

After that, the police launched a massive search operation with dog squads and bomb disposal teams in these hospitals of the city.

A senior police officer said no suspicious object was found inside the premises of these hospitals. This was a fake threat.

The claim was made in an email sent to hospitals on Sunday. It stated ” I have placed explosive devices in your building. They will explode in the next few hours.”

“This is not a threat, you have a few hours to defuse the bomb, otherwise innocent blood will be shed. The people inside the building will be in your hands.”

Jaipur schools also received threats.

Earlier today, four schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan received bomb threats. The principals of these schools also received this threat through email, after which there was panic.

Police evacuated students and staff members from the schools and searched with bomb disposal squads and sniffer dogs.

Jaipur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said the threat was given through email and a team is trying to identify the sender of the email.

Such threats have also surfaced in Delhi-ACR.

A few days ago, a similar e-mail had created panic in hundreds of schools in Delhi-NCR. There was also a bomb threat in schools. However, after investigation, this threat was proved to be a rumor.


Kerala: ‘Ice cream bomb’ explodes in front of a police vehicle in Kannur; No one was injured in the incident.

A bomb was thrown in front of a police vehicle in Kannur, Kerala early on Monday. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

The bomb blast took place during police patrolling in Chakkarakkal Bavode. The police jeep was confronted by two ‘ice cream bombs’. The incident happened today around 4 am.

The bomb was thrown on the road about 25 meters ahead of the police jeep. It is noteworthy that this incident took place in an area where there is conflict between CPM and BJP.

On Sunday, there was a clash between CPM and BJP over the temple festival Chakkarakkal Bavod. Police patrols in the region were stepped up after that.

The bomb disposal squad along with the dog squad searched. However, it is not known who threw the bomb. Police have started investigating the incident.


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