CBI To Investigate Multi-Crore Scam In Karnataka’s Cooperative Banks: CEOs And Officials Under Scrutiny

CBI to Investigate Multi-Crore Scam in Karnataka’s Cooperative Banks: CEOs and Officials Under Scrutiny.

The CBI is to investigate a major fraud involving crores of rupees in three cooperative banks of Karnataka—Sri Master Raghavendra Cooperative Bank, Vashishtha Credit Souharda Cooperative, and Master Sovereign Souharda Credit.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah highlights the impact on contributors’ life savings, while Tamil Nadu sees an ED official caught on camera accepting a payoff of Rs 3 crore.

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CBI will investigate the scam of three cooperative banks in Karnataka, case of fraud worth crores of rupees has come to light.

The CBI is to investigate a major fraud: CBI will presently explore a scam worth crores of rupees in three helpful banks of Karnataka.

CM Siddaramaiah on Saturday said the public authority has endorsed giving over the examination concerning the tricks of Sri Master Raghavendra Agreeable Bank Restricted, Vashishtha Credit Souharda Helpful Restricted, and Master Sovereign Souharda Credit Helpful Restricted to the CBI.

The public authority request expresses that CBI authorities will research the misrepresentation worth crores of rupees committed by the chiefs, CEOs, and workers of the administration sheets of co-usable banks.

In the request, the concerned officials and workers of the bank have been approached to surrender the archives and records to the CBI.

CM Siddaramaiah expressed a great many contributors had put their life reserve funds in the bank for youngsters’ marriage, purchasing a house, and for what’s to come. Because of the misrepresentation of financiers, everybody has ended up being stressed over their future.

Tamil Nadu: The portion of pay off given by the specialist to the ED official was recorded on camera, Rs 3 crore was requested.

The main portion of the payoff given by an administration specialist to Implementation Directorate (ED) official Ankit Tiwari was recorded on camera.

This has been referenced in the FIR of Tamil Nadu Police. Complainant Dr T Suresh Babu had requested the driver from his vehicle to keep Rs 20 lakh in real money in the baggage compartment at the back of the ED official’s vehicle.

Tiwari maintained that the money should be kept at a similar spot in the vehicle thus this was finished.


The episode occurred on November first.

The ED official had opened the storage compartment of his vehicle to keep the pay-off cash.

The episode occurred on November 1 on an expressway close to Madurai and the whole occurrence was recorded on the camera introduced at the front of Babu’s vehicle.

In his protest, Babu said that he couldn’t quickly record a grumbling with the Directorate of Cautiousness and Hostile to Defilement (DVAC) as he was in torment and was likewise unwell because of strain from the ED official.

DVAC is the counter-defilement unit of the Tamil Nadu Police.

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