Farooq Abdullah Gets A Big Relief From Supreme Court

Farooq Abdullah gets a big relief from Supreme Court, the court said- not to be seditious, to have a different opinion from the government.

Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah have received major relief from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rejected a petition filed in Jammu and Kashmir regarding the removal of Article 370.

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court for issuing orders for treason proceedings against former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah.

In this case, the Supreme Court made an important comment that ‘the expression of opinions which are different from the opinion of the government and disagreeable opinion cannot be called treason.

A Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul refused to consider the PIL against former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah, saying that expression of views other than the opinion of the government cannot be termed as a traitor.

This petition demanded that a case of treason be filed against Farooq Abdullah in view of his statement.

The Supreme Court has dismissed the petition for sedition filed against Farooq Abdullah. Along with this, a fine of Rs 50,000 has also been imposed on the petitioner.

Who inserted the petition and said what.

The petition was filed by a person named Rajat Sharma in the Supreme Court. This petition sought to order treason proceedings against Dr. Abdullah for making a statement against Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

The petition said that Dr. Abdullah has taken anti-national and anti-national proceedings. Not only the Home Ministry should take legal action against them, but their Parliament membership should also be canceled.

Along with this, the petition said that if he is continued as a Member of Parliament, it means that anti-national activities are being accepted in India and it will harm the unity of the country.

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