Fierce Clash Of Afghan Army With Taliban, 274 Terrorists Killed

Fierce clash of Afghan army with Taliban, 274 terrorists killed, 8 killed in Kabul car bomb blast.

After the powerful bombings in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the Afghan army has launched a massive attack on Taliban militants. In the last 24 hours, 274 terrorists have been killed.

The death toll in the car bombing in Kabul has risen to eight. Twenty people have been injured here. The terrorists had come to assassinate caretaker Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi.

These four terrorists were later killed in the encounter. The attack took place in the Green Zone of the capital Kabul. According to the police, two civilians also died in the attack.

First, the car bomb was detonated and then four terrorists opened fire towards the house of the caretaker Defense Minister. Taliban is believed to be involved in this incident.

Fierce clash of Afghan army with Taliban: Thousands rally after the Kabul bombing.

According to the leading news agency, thousands of civilians took to the streets after the bombings in Kabul. The women took out a procession by lighting candles.

Afghan citizens who took to the streets raised slogans against the terrorists and Pakistan. Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Saleh also participated in this rally.

In the rally, there was a demand to hang the Taliban and the leaders of Pakistan who gave them strength.

After the attack in Kabul, the Afghan army has given an edge to its war. Attacks were carried out at many places in the night itself.

According to the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan, in 24 hours 274 terrorists were killed and 119 terrorists were injured. According to the news agency, 21 terrorists were killed in the airstrike in Jaujan province.

Many terrorist organizations are fighting with the Taliban.

According to the news agency, Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Hanif Atmar held a meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Afghanistan and ambassadors of other countries.

It was told in this meeting that ten thousand foreign terrorists are fighting with the army with the Taliban under the patronage of Pakistan.

Among these organizations, there are a dozen terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, TTP, Islamic State.

Pak terrorists occupied a vacant army campus.

According to the news agency, Pakistani terrorists have captured the vacant campus of Afghan National Security Forces in the Kamdesh district of Nuristan.

According to the news published in Times of Israel, every day fifty terrorists are increasing here. Together with the Taliban, they are fighting with the Afghan army.

IS strengthens its position near Kabul.

According to Prater, a report to the UN Secretary-General stated that Islamic State (IS) is strengthening its position in Kabul and its surrounding region.

IS may intensify attacks on minorities, women, and children in and around Kabul if Taliban talks with the Afghan government do not yield results.

That is why the Taliban has intensified the gathering of foreign terrorists.

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