FIFA World Cup 2022: Former Miss Croatia Arrived Wearing An Objectionable Dress

FIFA World Cup 2022: Former Miss Croatia arrived to watch the match wearing an objectionable dress, and may now be fined.

FIFA World Cup 2022: The excitement of the FIFA World Cup is on the rise these days. Many small teams have stopped speaking of many big giants with their explosive game.

Qatar’s grand event is also being praised everywhere. But many people are not ready to accept the strict rules and regulations there.

In this episode, former Miss Croatia and model Ivana Knoll have come into the headlines these days.

The reason is that she went to watch the match wearing an objectionable dress. Now it is being said that action can be taken against her.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Former Miss Croatia Ivana went to Al-Bayt Stadium for Croatia’s opening match against Morocco. She was dressed in the iconic red and white pattern of her country.

But according to the law of Qatar, these dresses were not right. It is being said that this is a clear violation of the rules and the model may have to face jail-like punishment.

“Men, as well as women, are expected to avoid wearing provocative clothing in public and to demonstrate respect for local culture,” the Qatar Tourism Authority said ahead of the World Cup.

“It is usually recommended for men and women to ensure that their shoulders and knees are covered, but it is now being said that model Ivana flouted all the rules.

It is believed that Noll will face more serious fines for breaking decency laws. She could also be jailed for wearing revealing clothes during the FIFA World Cup. Many people have criticized him on social media.

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