Former Deputy CM Of J&K Kavindra Gupta, In Favor Of Randhawa

Former Deputy CM Of J&K Kavindra Gupta, in favor of Randhawa: Illegal mining in Jammu.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Kavindra Gupta, in favor of Randhawa, said Randhawa’s allegations are largely correct.

Former MLC and BJP state secretary Vikram Randhawa has expressed regret in writing to State President Ravindra Raina against the Minister of State of the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Jitendra Singh, for using indecent language.

At the same time, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Kavindra Gupta, who came to support Randhawa, has justified the allegations of corruption in mining to a large extent.

Gupta says that who should be behind the illegal mining going on vigorously, should come out from the investigation.

In such a situation, Randhawa has also clarified in the reply sent to Sunil Sethi, President of the State BJP’s Discipline Committee, that he has not said a single word against the party.

Speaking Vulgar language in anger has hurt anyone’s feelings, he should apologize, he is a true soldier of the BJP, so no disciplinary action should be taken against him.

Randhawa met Ravindra Raina and explained the situation in this matter too.

In response to the notice, Randhawa has written that he had made allegations of corruption as head of the Stone Crushers Association.

He was also accompanied by businessmen being harassed by the Department of Mining for the last several years at the press conference. He can never do anything that would harm the party.

However, Randhawa has clarified that his allegation is correct that at the moment the construction of the building material is being done with the connivance of some officials of the Police, Mining Department.

According to party sources, a three-member disciplinary committee may meet on Sunday to take further action on the reply given by Randhawa.

During this time all aspects of this matter will be considered. It will also discuss the allegations of Randhawa along with a defamation notice of one crore rupees against Randhawa by Dr. Jitendra Singh’s lawyer.

On the other hand, Kavindra Gupta can also be made a party in this case by the lawyers of Dr. Jitendra Singh who sent notice to Randhawa.

In such a situation, Kavindra Gupta has made it clear to the state BJP that if the heat of Randhawa’s allegations of corruption reaches him

Then in such a situation, he will also take action in writing from the Discipline Committee to take action against those who tried to tarnish his credibility.

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