Green Coffee: Kerala Students Innovate With Health-Boosting Green Coffee Powder

Green Coffee: Kerala Students Innovate with Health-Boosting Green Coffee Powder.

Discover how 30 students from Laurus Institute in Kerala created a unique green coffee powder, boosting health and wellness. Learn why its demand is rising and how it received FSSAI certification.

Have you tried green coffee? 30 students from Kerala did a unique feat; Why is its demand increasing?

Nowadays, green tea has become a favorite drink among the people. Today we will talk about ‘green coffee’.

Some students in Kerala have prepared green coffee powder keeping health in mind. Students of Laurus Institute for Logistics in Kalamassery have also given information about this.

The students said that seeing the popularity of green tea, they brought green coffee powder as part of a project in their institute.

Why was green coffee introduced?

They said that the main objective of this new substance is to meet the increasing demand for good health. Also taking advantage of the increasing focus on health and wellness.

The students claimed that antioxidant-rich green coffee boosts metabolism and maintains diabetes, cholesterol, and body weight.

Let us tell you, that the students have also received a certificate from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for this product.

Green Coffee: 30 Kerala Students prepared the powder like this.

Students say that developing a new brand of green coffee powder was an important challenge for us.

Let us tell you that it was the 2020 batch of the institute that properly recognized the benefits of green coffee.

This batch of 30 members was divided into different groups and various reasons were explored before making any decision on green coffee.

Although it is very beneficial from a health point of view, its test did not impress people much in the beginning, due to which students became worried.

According to the information received, to improve the taste of coffee powder, mint, cardamom, rose, etc. were added to it.

But when it was seen that by adding all these, the shelf life of green coffee was reduced by 6 months. So this type of product was discontinued.

Students are now motivated by the fact that customers want to buy it even after getting benefits from at least two packs. The chairman of the college has given this information.

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