Hardik Pandya: Felt Ricky As Father Figure At Mumbai Indians.

Hardik Pandya: felt Ricky Ponting as the figure at Mumbai Indians. Alongside Hardik was young Jasprit Bumrah in a Wankhede changing area brimming with stars. The story behind John Wright selecting Hardik Pandya for Mumbai Indians subsequent to watching him bat once at the Reliance Stadium is notable. He would then be taken under the wing of the dynamic Ricky Ponting in the Mumbai side.

Thinking back Hardik remembers Ponting hand-holding him through the good ‘ole days however says there was never extremely one good example. Hardik discloses that he needed to get various qualities from the greats he was investing energy with. “Ricky Ponting was somebody who cared for me the best. He cared for me like a kid. I used to feel like he was my dad figure there,” Hardik told media.

“Ricky showed me such huge numbers of things, he showed me circumstances, he showed me outlook, how solid you ought to be. As another kid in 2015, I used to sit close to the hoardings. Ricky used to plunk down with me and talk about the game. (With every one of these discussions) I began adapting rapidly.”

Ponting is as of now the lead trainer of the Delhi Capitals. Hardik additionally addressed his relationship with Kieron Pollard calling him his ‘sibling’. “We have such lovely relations, our families are in contact. We talk notwithstanding constantly contrasts in the West Non-mainstream players, we ensure we talk in any event once in a month. I admire him as my senior, my good example.

“I never had one explicit good example. I generally needed to gain from the best, various things from various individuals, and I needed to join that in my game – Mahi bhai’s serenity, Virat’s appetite. From 2015, when I made it to the IPL, I generally needed to gain from individuals. That is the point at which I understood that Polly is somebody who identifies with my game.”

Alongside Hardik was youthful Jasprit Bumrah in a Wankhede changing area brimming with stars.”Jassi is an altogether different character. He’s quiet, however, he’s somebody who likes to be disregarded. On the off chance that he needs to converse with somebody, at that point he’ll start the discussion,” said Hardik.

“I can never resemble him regardless of whether I attempt. He’s educated, articulate, thinking multiple times before talking. Be that as it may, he’s somebody who I appreciate being with. We have achievement together and have really shared achievement.”

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