Home Ministry Issued New Guidelines For Strict Control Of SOP

Home Ministry issued new guidelines for strict control of SOP: MHA Fresh Guidelines.

The Home Ministry has issued new guidelines for all states and union territories in view of the recurrence of corona infection.

The guidelines do not impose a new ban on any activity, only to strictly follow the SOP issued for them.

Along with this, the Home Ministry has given permission to the states to reduce the number of participants in various ceremonies to less than 200 in view of local conditions.

But they will not be able to impose a local lockdown outside the Containment Zone without the consent of the Central Government. This guideline will be applicable to the whole month of December.

Fines and night curfew for not wearing masks, but local lockdown not allowed

A senior Home Ministry official said the latest guidelines are aimed at retaining the lead now in the fight against Corona.

The emergence of corona infection due to cold and festivals can be prevented only on the strength of surveillance, containment, and caution and this requires strict adherence to the SOP issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Home Affairs made it clear that in case of any violation in the SOP of the Ministry of Health, the local district, police, and municipal authorities will be held responsible.

That is why after the assessment of the situation of the local administration, it is allowed to impose new restrictions in its area.

No activity other than essential services is allowed in the Containment Zone

In order to prevent infection, the Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the Ministry of Health to create a cantonment zone in accordance with the guidelines and show them on the website, so that there is no misconception about it.

No activity can be permitted in these containment zones except under essential services. Each of them will have to survey the house and monitor the condition of the corona.

Guidelines are also included to identify those who come in contact with Corona Positive within 72 hours and test them.

It will be the responsibility of the local administration to locate all the patients related to cold, cold, and in the buffer zone outside the cantonment area.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has also made it clear that states will have to fix the responsibility of the officials concerned to ensure that these measures are implemented through containment and surveillance.

Along with this, the Home Ministry has justified the actions of all states like wearing masks, washing hands, and imposing fines on states for ensuring physical distance.

But it will be the responsibility of the state government to ensure social distance in markets, weekly markets, public vehicles.

Similarly, the local administration will be allowed to impose a night curfew to prevent infection.

But in any case, they will not be able to impose a local lockdown outside the containment zone without the advice of the central government.

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