Improvement In ‘Blue-Collar’ Jobs Led By Supply Sector

Improvement in ‘blue-collar’ jobs led by the supply sector. There was a decline in blue-collar (workers doing manual labor) jobs in the country after the lockdown was imposed to prevent the coronavirus epidemic.

However, now there is a sharp improvement in these jobs led by the supply (delivery) segment including food and grocery items. It has been said in a report.

According to vehicle-related startup company Vahan, demand for ‘blue-collar’ jobs in the food and grocery delivery segment has returned to 100 percent of the pre-Covid-19 level.

The delivery segment is now generating two and a half to three lakh jobs every month.

Based on the data submitted by the company from its app, the demand for jobs in manufacturing, ancillary activities, and the BPO sector is also coming apart from the delivery segment.

Madhav Krishna, the vehicle’s co-founder, and CEO said, “The decline in demand for blue-collar jobs during the lockdown is now seeing a sharp improvement in the leadership of the delivery segment.”

The company said that currently there are more than 4 million users in more than 1,200 cities and already 70,000 people have been placed across India.

It aims to hold 25,000 people a month by the end of next year and thus it will become a major company in the segment.

It is currently working with clients in other sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, and warehousing. Some of its customers include Shadowfax, Amazon, Zomato, and Swiggy.

Today, petrol and diesel prices increased for the fourth consecutive day, know what is the price in your city

Government oil companies have changed fuel prices for the fourth consecutive day today. In Delhi, where petrol made expensive by 7 paise per liter, diesel also increased by 18 paise per liter.

On Monday, petrol in Delhi reached Rs 81.53 while diesel reached Rs 71.25 per liter. According to information received from IOCL, today the price of one liter of petrol in Delhi is Rs 81.53 per liter.

Mumbai is being sold for Rs 88.23 per liter, one-liter petrol in Kolkata at 83.43, and one-liter petrol in Chennai at Rs 84.53 per liter.

Apart from the four metros, petrol is being sold at 82.00 in Noida, 81.12 in Ranchi, 81.92 per liter in Lucknow.

At the same time, if you talk about diesel, today diesel is being sold for Rs 71.25 per liter in Delhi, 74.82 in Kolkata, 77.73 in Mumbai, and one liter in Chennai for Rs 76.72 per liter.

Talking about other cities, diesel is being sold in Noida at Rs 71.73, in Lucknow for Rs 71.66 per liter.

Petrol-diesel prices change daily and are updated at 6 am. You can get this information through SMS.

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