Tunnel Found On The Border, Jaish Terrorists Came Via This Path

 Tunnel found on the border, all four Jaish terrorists were killed, have used this path to sneak in.

A tunnel has been unearthed exposing the conspiracy of Pakistan in the village border Rigal along the International Border (IB) in Samba district of Jammu division.

It is being claimed that four terrorists of Jaish-e-Muhammad, who had died in the Ban Toll Plaza, Nagrota, came three days before this tunnel.

The tunnel has been discovered by the BSF and Jammu and Kashmir Police patrols.

Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Dilbag Singh has not denied the intrusion through the tunnel and into the Indian territory of the terrorists.

At the same time, Inspector General of Police of Jammu BSF Frontier NS Jamwal said that this tunnel was found near the village Rigal on the international border, near the Zero Line.

On November 19, they searched the smartphone and satellite phone found from the terrorists killed in the Ban Tola plaza of Nagrota and found the correct location of their location.

DGP Dilbag Singh said that the four terrorists entered the Indian border around 8:30 pm on November 18.

At around 12:30, the four terrorists reached Jatwal on Jammu-Pathankot National Highway, which is about eight kilometers from the IB.

All four boarded the truck from there. After clearing the entire picture from the location, the police team informed the BSF officers.

After this, the villages adjacent to the border were reconstructed, and the tunnel was detected in Rigal village at around 12 noon.

Such was the tunnel:

One of the tunnels in Indian territory is about three feet in diameter, while the other is facing Pakistan. Pakistan has a brown wheel post.

The sphere inside the tunnel is about 2.5 feet. For this purpose, wooden boards have been installed on both sides of the tunnel.

The tunnel appears to have been constructed by skilled engineers, allowing it to be used for 12 months of infiltration.

The tunnel is 25 feet below the ground:

During the construction of the tunnel, there is no scope of mud sinking during infiltration. This tunnel is about 25 feet below ground level.

In addition to the pits inside it, polythene sheets have also been used so that it does not leak water during rainy days. This tunnel has been built recently.

Sacks filled with mud and sand have been placed at the mouth of the tunnel.

The sacks are written in Anglo and vegetable Angro bags Urea manure manufactured in Pakistan Urdu. Qasim Karachi Chemical is also written on some sacks.

All four had entered on the new moon night

According to sources, the terrorists killed at Ban Toll Plaza were trained by commando training. Which reached the highway from the border on foot on the new moon night.

Security officials have not declined to talk about being a guide with them. Three terrorists killed in the toll plaza in the early hours of 31 January also reached the highway from the border on the night of Amavasya.

Masood Azhar’s brother and Jaish commander Rauf Lala was taking information from moment to moment. At that time, Kari Zarar and Qasim Jan were playing the role of their handlers.

The entire task is with the Pak Army

From the training of the terrorists to their launching, the Pakistan Army has all the responsibility. Pakistan Army is leaving no stone unturned to infiltrate terrorists into Indian territory.

The tunnel is designed for the long-term use of terrorists, to make it easier to infiltrate. – Dilbag Singh, Director General of Police.

All four terrorists will surely have a guide

Rauf is seen across the border of Lala. Agencies are trying to find out.

There will be a guide for the four terrorists who took them from the border to the Jammu-Pathankot National Highway. BSF is also investigating the entire case. – NS Jamwal, IG, Jammu BSF Frontier.

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