Increased Confrontation Between Pakistani Govt And Opposition

Increased confrontation between the Pakistani government and opposition, 26th rally again in Larkana.

Opposition parties in Pakistan held a big rally in Peshawar on Sunday against the Imran government despite the ban. The Imran government had halted the rally under the cover of the Corona epidemic.

With this rally, the war between the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition of 11 opposition parties, and the government have intensified.

Increased confrontation between govt and opposition in Pakistan. The coalition has announced to hold a rally in Larkana on 26 November.

This was the fourth rally of PDM. Earlier, the alliance has rallied in Gujranwala, Karachi, and Quetta.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province said that cases could be registered against PDM leaders if Corona cases increased after the Peshawar rally.

At the rally, Pakistan People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto said that January would be the last month for this government. After that, the people of Pakistan will decide what kind of governance should be in the country.

PDM chief Fazlur Rahman has said that the Imran government is illegal and a big corona. This government is made not from public opinion but from the theft of public opinion.

Under the garb of Corona, an attempt is being made to suppress the voice of the public. He said that now the opposition parties’ rally will be held in Larkana on 26 November.

Pak minister takes back Nazi-related statement against Emmanuel Macron, the French government has expressed strong objection

The French government strongly objected to Pakistan’s objectionable statement against French President Emmanuel Macron and demanded its withdrawal. Subsequently, the Pakistani minister has removed Macron’s tweet treating Muslims as Jews during World War II.

Last Saturday, Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights, Shirin Mazari, tweeted that Macron was doing to Muslims what the Nazis did to Jews.

Muslim children will get ID Other children will not be given. To identify as it was, Jews were forced to wear a yellow star on their clothes.

Pakistani minister’s statement inspired by hate and violence: France

Angered by the Pakistani minister’s tweet, France’s Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs issued a statement asking to withdraw Mazari’s objectionable statement.

The statement said that expressing the views of a member of the Pakistani cabinet on social media, made disparaging, shocking, and baseless remarks against French President Macron.

Not only insulting words were used against President Macron and France, but there is no truth in these things. The Pakistani minister’s statement contains hatred and violence.

Despite being held responsible, such petty remarks have been made. We reject this strictly. He further said that we have immediately summoned the Pakistani in-charge appointed in Paris in this regard.

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