India And France Defense Partnership: Crafting A Strategic Roadmap For Defense Production

India and France Defense Partnership: Crafting a Strategic Roadmap for Defense Production.

Discover how India and France are elevating their strategic partnership through defense collaboration.

Learn about the plans for defense production, including the manufacturing of state-of-the-art technology under the Make in India program.

India-France Relation: India and France will make a roadmap for defense production, and preparations to take the strategic partnership to a new phase.

It was already clear that India and France are preparing to take their strategic partnership to a new phase.

This was also confirmed in the bilateral talks held between PM Narendra Modi and President Manuel Macron on Thursday.

France is among those countries that are ready to completely give their state-of-the-art defense technology to India and produce it in collaboration with Indian companies under the Make in India program.

In such a situation, it has been agreed between Modi and Macro that both countries will together prepare the future roadmap for defense production.

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra also gave this information on Friday.

Warmth in relations between the two countries.

He said that under this roadmap, both countries will develop and produce major weapons and defense products with cooperation.

After meeting PM Modi in Jaipur on Thursday, Macro participated in the Republic Day celebrations as a state guest on Friday.

He is the sixth President of France to participate in India’s Republic Day celebrations, which also shows that historically relations between the two countries have been warm.

Many projects of defense cooperation were discussed between the two countries.

Macron expressed his feelings on social media site X in the words, ‘A proud moment for France. Thank you, India.

In another post, he wrote that my dear friend Narendra Modi and the people of India, my heartiest good wishes to all of you.

We are happy and proud of you. Let’s celebrate it. Regarding the meeting between Modi and Macro, Kwatra said that many projects of defense cooperation are being discussed between the two countries.

Private sector companies are also talking to each other.

Talk about the H125 class helicopter.

An agreement has been signed between Tata and Airbus Helicopters to manufacture H125-class helicopters.

Many of its spare parts will be made in India. Robotics, military vehicles, and cyber defense are other areas where there is great potential for cooperation and these will also be included in the roadmap.

The Foreign Secretary identified cooperation in the space sector as a new area of cooperation about which both sides are very excited.

Talks are already underway to launch the satellite together. This issue was raised between Modi and Macro.

Agreements regarding helicopters: Airbus will set up a helicopter manufacturing plant in India.

Shortly after the press conference of the Foreign Secretary, French company Airbus said that it has signed an agreement with Tata Group to build the first helicopter complete assembly line in India.

This will be the first helicopter manufacturing unit to be set up by a private company in India. From here helicopters will be supplied to India and other countries of the region.

World’s best helicopter: The first Made in India helicopter will roll out from an Indian plant in the year 2026.

Where the plant will be set up has not been announced yet. The company has described this plant as essential for India’s manufacturing and has also described it as a symbol of India’s growing confidence.

This will be the second assembly line of Airbus to be set up in India.

Last year the company had announced setting up a military shipbuilding unit in Gujarat. The H-125 is known to be one of the best helicopters in its class in the world.

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