India Got The Place Of Vice President In The International Electrotechnical Commission

India got the place of Vice President in the International Electrotechnical Commission. India has acquired the post of Vice-Chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Apart from this, India has also got the place of the Chairman of the Strategic Management Board. India’s tenure as the chairman of this board will be for two years (2023-25).

India secured this post during the voting held at the San Francisco General Assembly for the post of Vice-Chairman of IEC.

After India got almost 90 percent votes in this voting, this contest remained almost one-sided. Vimal Mahendru will now represent India on this international platform.

In the voting held during this period, the members of the second technical committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards, including the members of the National Committee of IEC, were also elected.

India got the place of Vice President: After getting the post of IEC, India will now be able to play an important role in the International Organization of Standardization with the help of BIS.

Apart from this, India will be able to express its views from this platform which will help India to come to par with the international level standard.

This will especially include techniques related to electrical, and electronics.

Explain that IEC is an international non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of international trade, and infrastructure, of electrical and electronic goods at the international level.

This includes technological efficiency, affordable, research, and renewable energy.

Apart from this, full attention is also given to the city equipped with facilities, a better transport system, climate change, and the safety of the people.

IEC has more than 170 member countries in the world. There are around 20,000 experts in this all over the world. It has a National Committee, whose full members are around 62.

Apart from this, the number of associate members is around 26. In this way, its total number of members is 88.

At present, its command is in the hands of Yinhiao Shu of China. Xu is also a senior member of IEEE.

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