India On Terrorism: India Firmly Placed Its Stand Against Terrorism

India on Terrorism: India firmly placed its stand against terrorism in the meeting of the Security Council.

During the open debate in the meeting of the United Nations Security Council, India slammed the dual attitude towards terror.

India said that giving an escape to the sponsors of terrorism reflects a sad situation.

In such a situation, the debate on fixing someone’s responsibility for the bloodshed caused by terrorist forces, especially state-sponsored terrorist elements, will remain incomplete.

Minister of State for External Affairs Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh said in an open debate in the United Nations Security Council on Thursday that today terrorism is the biggest threat to mankind.

Terrorism increases social tension and pushes society towards instability and violence.

India is facing a crisis of terrorism.

He was participating in a debate on the topic ‘Strengthening accountability and justice for serious violations of international law’, chaired by the current President of the Council, Albania.

He said that when we talk of accountability, it is really a sad situation that the sponsors of terrorism are given a chance to escape.

He told the council that India has been facing the menace of cross-border terrorism for decades.

Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in terrorist attacks in India. That is why India has always been at the forefront of global counter-terrorism efforts.

Accountability issues cannot be discussed separately: Singh.

He said that the international community must stand firm in the opposition to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and reject any attempt to provide any justification for terrorist acts.

He said that India has also provided financial assistance to aid the UN investigation to fix accountability for crimes committed by Daesh/ISIL in Iraq.

Singh underlined that the issue of accountability cannot be discussed in isolation, nor can it be seen only from the narrow view of alleged acts committed by the state where foreign powers are actively involved.

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