Indian Army Deployed T-90 And T-72 Tanks In Ladakh

Indian Army deployed T-90 and T-72 tanks in Ladakh, a strategy to deal with China in winter. The Indian Army is fully prepared to deal with any Chinese action during winter in East Ladakh.

Infantry Combat Vehicles including T-90 and T-72 tanks have been deployed near LAC in the Chumar-Domechok area amid continuing tension with China.

Their specialty is that they are capable of operating at temperatures up to minus 40 degrees Celsius near the Line of Control.

Speaking to the leading media agency, Chief of Staff of the 14 Corps Major General A Ravind Kapoor stated that the ‘Fire and Fury Corps’ is the only formation of the Indian Army that has deployed mechanized forces in such harsh areas.

Maintaining tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and heavy guns is a challenge in this area. Today all our logistic preparations are sufficient to ensure the preparation of crew and equipment.

He said that the cold in Ladakh is going to be very harsh. Our preparations are completely under control during winter.

We have sufficient quantities of ration, fuel, oil, clothes, heating appliances with more calories, and nutrition. Currently, the Army is using 3 types of fuels for these vehicles to ensure that fuel does not freeze during harsh winters.

Amid the escalating conflict with China, Home Minister Amit Shah met with the representatives of Ladakh and discussed several issues related to the union territory and their demands.

With this, Shah will inaugurate the ‘Destination North East Summit 2020’ on Sunday. The four-day event will showcase the tourism, culture, heritage, and business capabilities of Northeast India.

Discussions with representatives to promote sports activities in Ladakh

Sports Minister Kiran Ririju, Minister of State for Home Affairs G. Krishna Reddy, Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, and Director of Intelligence Bureau Arvind Kumar were also present during the meeting with the representatives of Ladakh, which attained Union Territory status last year.

It is speculated from their presence that during the discussions, matters related to the construction of infrastructure to promote sports activities in the area of ​​Ladakh were discussed.

For the last four months, there have been escalations between Indian and Chinese troops along the Chinese border with Ladakh and many clashes have taken place during this period.

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