Iran Launches Missile And Drone Attacks On Kurdish Exile Group Bases

Iran launches missile and drone attacks on Kurdish exile group bases in northern Iraq.

Iranian missiles and drones struck targets of an Iranian Kurdish opposition group in northern Iraq late Sunday.

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, an exiled Kurdish Iranian group in Iraq, said in a statement that Iranian surface-to-surface missiles and drones targeted its bases in Koya and Jeznikan and nearby refugee camps.

The group also claimed that the attacks had affected a hospital in Koya. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Kurdish groups denied Iran’s allegations.

Some Kurdish groups have been engaged in low-intensity conflict with Tehran since the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Many members are seeking political exile in neighboring Iraq, where they have established bases.

Iran alleges that these groups are inciting anti-government protests in Iran and smuggling weapons into the country, which Kurdish groups have denied.

Iran launches missile and drone attacks: Ismail Ghani threatened.

Tehran has periodically carried out airstrikes on the positions of Kurdish groups in Iraq.

Iraqi and Kurdish officials said that during a visit to Baghdad last week, Ismail Ghani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force, threatened Iraq with a ground military operation in the country’s north.

Turkey strikes Kurdish groups in Syria and Iraq.

Sunday’s Iranian strikes in northern Iraq come a day after Turkey launched deadly airstrikes on northern areas of Syria and Iraq, targeting Kurdish groups responsible for last week’s Istanbul bombings.

Turkey provoked by the Istanbul blast, destroyed 89 Kurdish terrorist bases in Syria and Iraq in airstrikes

Turkey has been enraged by the bomb blasts in Istanbul in the past. Kurdish groups have been held responsible for this.

Turkey’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday that 89 targets, including Selterholm and an ammunition depot, were destroyed in airstrikes on Kurdish militant positions in northern Iraq and northern Syria.

The attacks targeted Qandil, Assos, and Hakurk in Iraq, and Kobani, Tal Rifat, Cezar, and Derik in northern Syria.

It has been said in this that the so-called director of the terrorist organization has been neutralized.

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