Israel Hamas War: Why Did India Abstain From Voting On The Resolution Brought On Israel-Hamas Dispute?

Israel Hamas war: Why did India abstain from voting on the resolution brought on Israel-Hamas dispute? Foreign Ministry gave the reason.

India’s abstention from voting in the resolution passed in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Israel-Hamas dispute has not only increased the turmoil in domestic politics.

But also raised apprehensions about its impact on India’s diplomatic relations with some countries.

In such a situation, officials of the Ministry of External Affairs have said that India stayed away from voting while sticking to its old stand on the issue of terrorism.

What is the reason for India’s abstinence from voting?

In particular, the lack of clear condemnation of the October 7, 2023 terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas in the resolution passed is one of the reasons due to which India abstained from voting at the end.

Even during the discussion on the resolution, the Indian representative made it clear that terrorism cannot be justified in any way.

What did the Foreign Ministry say?

Highly placed sources associated with the Ministry of External Affairs have given detailed information about India’s decision.

Terrorism cannot be justified in any way. There is no clear condemnation of the October 7 Hamas attack in the passed resolution.

An amendment proposal was also presented to improve it. Then we voted in favor of it. 88 countries including India had supported it, but here two-thirds members were required.

Keeping all these issues in mind, India had decided to stay away from the final proposal.

44 countries stayed away from voting.

Let it be noted that this proposal came from Jordan. It talks about immediately ending the Israel-Hamas dispute and providing immediate help to the people living in the Gaza Strip.

14 countries including Israel and America have opposed it.

121 countries including China, France, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives supported it, while 44 countries including India and Canada did not participate in the voting.

‘A solution has to be found to this humanitarian crisis.

External Affairs Ministry sources said India strongly condemns the October 7 attack and appeals for the safe release of all captured civilians.

Besides, the destruction being caused by the ongoing demolition in Gaza is also quite worrying.

Especially women and children are paying the price of this war with their lives. A solution to this humanitarian crisis has to be found.

India said that we welcome the efforts of the international community to improve the situation in Gaza and to provide assistance to the affected people on humanitarian grounds.

We are also helping in this, but with the continuous deterioration of the security situation and increasing aggression from both sides, the situation of human tragedy there will worsen further.

Israel Hamas war: Opposition parties condemned the government’s decision.

On the other hand, India’s opposition parties have strongly condemned this decision of the government.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has written on social media site ‘X’ that India’s absence from voting in favor of implementing ceasefire in Gaza is shocking and shameful.

She has also quoted Mahatma Gandhi’s statement that the whole world will become blind with an eye for an eye.

BJP replied to Priyanka Gandhi.

BJP leader and former minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has replied to Priyanka Gandhi that India is sticking to its old stand on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Those who support terrorism cause harm to themselves. He also taunted that it seems that Priyanka Gandhi is being advised by people who have no idea about the policies of Congress.

NCP leader Sharad Pawar has also said that the Israel-Palestine policy of the Indian government is completely misguided.

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