Israel Intensifies Efforts To Remove Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel intensifies efforts to remove Netanyahu from the post of PM, time till Wednesday for Lapid.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be deprived of the post of Prime Minister. His opponents are now busy in its exercise.

The full thrust of the opponents is for Netanyahu to step down from office, and throughout the political turmoil, the opponents are eyeing right-wing leader Naphtali Bennett.

However, Benjamin’s former ally and opposition leader Yair Lapid is facing difficulties in this task.

On Sunday, in an unexpected move, he announced the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu from the post and to form a government with a new coalition.

After this, on Sunday, PM Netanyahu tried his best to thwart this attempt of the opponents.

In one of his messages, he told the country’s parties and leaders engaged in power that the country is going through a very delicate phase at this time.

Therefore, nothing can be said about the future. In such a situation, the opponents should avoid taking any unexpected steps. In such critical times, ideas that are for personal interest should be discarded.

The Israeli media even states that an agreement may soon be reached between opposing parties to remove Netanyahu.

Let us tell you that Netanyahu is the longest-serving Prime Minister in the country. However, in the last four elections held in the country, Netanyahu’s party has not been able to gather a majority.

The way Netanyahu’s fast-paced attacks in Gaza during the recent 11-day battle with Hamas in Gaza, Palestine, is believed to have served his political purpose.

Israel intensifies efforts to remove Netanyahu: It was also believed that this action will increase their popularity and they will be able to win a majority.

The deadline for opposition chief Yair Lapid to form a coalition government ends on Wednesday. It is being said that they are very close to the agreement.

However, all his hopes are rooted in the Naftali Bennet of the Yamina Party. The Yamina party won six seats in the last election.

So far, Bennett and Lapid’s party have not been able to agree on any one settlement. Meanwhile, time is also running out of their hands.

Bennett has said that his idea is to form a National Unite Government with his friend Lapid. God also wants us to come together to save the country and bring it back to its cause.

The opposition’s plan is that in the coming two years, the heads of both parties will be alternately appointed as the Prime Minister of the country.

In this, Bennett will become the first PM. On Sunday, leaders of opposition parties had a meeting on this issue.

Let us tell you that Bennett Netanyahu holds the highest post in the cabinet, while he has also been a close aide of the PM. However, now a lot of distance has come between these two.

He had earlier clarified on the issue of supporting Netanyahu, saying that he had no other option left after the elections in March.

The same problem was there in the subsequent elections, but now there will be no such problem and this cycle will also be broken. He said that any government climbs the ladder of success only when all people work together.

In such a situation, everyone has to give up their personal interests. According to him, his whole focus is on what we can do next, not on the fact that we kept fighting all day, which is not possible.

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