Kanpur Kidnapping Case:: CBI Investigation Ordered

Kanpur Kidnapping Case: CBI investigation for Kanpur kidnapping and murder of Sanjit Yadav. Yogi Adityanath’s government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to investigate the case of murder with CBI after the abduction of Sanjit Yadav of Kanpur.

CM Yogi Adityanath has recommended a CBI inquiry on the request of Sanjit Yadav’s family. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had taken strict action and suspended ten policemen, including the then ASP Aparna Gupta and CO Barra Manoj Gupta, in connection with the kidnapping and murder of lab technician Sanjit Yadav from Barra, Kanpur.

On June 26, the kidnappers of Sanjit Yadav killed him and threw the corpse into the Pandu River. After this, by dodging the police, on July 13, a ransom of 30 lakh was also recovered. It is worth mentioning that 28-year-old son Sanjit Yadav of Kanpur Barra five resident Chaman Singh Yadav was kidnapped on the evening of 22 June. On the second day, family members had given a complaint to former police station in-charge of Ranjit Rai about the son’s disappearance.

Even after this, the police kept sitting hand in hand. After this, from the evening of 29 June, the kidnappers started calling the father and demanding a ransom of 30 lakh. On the night of 13 July, the police sent ransom money to the family members. After this, the kidnappers escaped from the Gujaini bridge with a ransom amount and the police kept watching.

Investigation too complicated

As the investigation into the kidnapping and murder case of Sanjeet Yadav continues, the confusing statements are coming out. The three murder accused in the case, Gyanendra Yadav, Kuldeep Goswami, and Neelu Singh, are in 48-hour police custody.

During interrogation, these three are changing their statements repeatedly. Ramji Shukla, an accused in the kidnapping and murder of Sanjeet Yadav, is Corona positive. He will be questioned 14 days later. Police have found out in the investigation that even before the kidnapping of Sanjit Yadav, the vicious men had bought three sims to escape from the police.

Three SIMs were purchased on the same fake ID. The main accused, Kuldeep Goswami, had called Sanjeet on the night of June 22 from the SIM number taken on a fake ID and lured him for fun. Sanjeet was then held hostage in a rented house. This is revealed by the number received from Sanjeet’s call details and the ransom call received on the family’s phone.

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