Malappuram: A 17-Year-Old Girl Has Been Raped By 38 Men

Malappuram: A 17-Year-Old Girl Has Been Raped By 38 Men. 38 men raped a 17-year-old girl in Kerala, 20 arrested so far.
A 17-year-old girl in the Malappuram region of Kerala has alleged that she was raped and abused by 38 men in the last several months.
The police have registered a total of 32 cases against 44 men and most of them have been arrested. According to the leading news agency, 20 people have been arrested so far.
In this dirty game that has been going on for months, the Malappuram police have registered 32 cases including three rape cases. Such a case has come to light in the Pandikkad region of the Malappuram district of Kerala in the last 5 years.
According to the district police chief, the girl lived with her mother in a small colony in the Pandikkad area of ​​Malappuram district. In 2015, missing cases were registered with the local police based on the mother’s complaint.
The family alleged that the girl had gone with her friend and based on the complaints, she was traced and handed back to the family.
Two cases of POCSO were then reported. In 2017, a similar case was re-filed based on a family complaint. In all cases, the accused have been arrested under sections of POCSO and cases are pending in various courts of the district.
In December last year, her family registered a disappearance and said the girl had gone on a motorcycle with her friend and had gone missing. Since she was a minor, the local police produced her before a magistrate to record her statement.
In her statement, the girl referred to 15 incidents, including two sexual assaults. Subsequently, he was sent for treatment, and months later, another statement was recorded. This time the girl referred to 12 more molestation incidents and one misdemeanor case.
The 17-year-old girl is currently living in a rescue home managed by the Child Welfare Committee. The police have charged 44 people with misconduct cases while 20 have already been arrested.
Police registered a total of 32 cases, including three for molestation and molestation charges. The police have registered a case against 44 men so far, out of which 20 have been arrested. The remaining 24 have not yet been taken into custody.
Police said that the girl lived with her mother in a small house and once her mother left for her daily wage work, she became single. At that time the girl faced sexual behavior and inappropriate behavior from neighbors and others.

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