Nandi Puja Niyam: If You Say These Words Before Making A Wish In Nandi’s Ear, Your Wish Will Surely Come True

Nandi Puja Niyam: If you say these words before making a wish in Nandi’s ear, your wish will surely come true.

Puja Niyam for Nandi: As per Puranas, Nandi is also the vehicle and incarnation of Shiva, worshiped in the form of a bull in Shiva temples.

Lord Shiva himself blessed Nandi that wherever I live, you will live there too. That is why Nandi is mostly found in pagodas.

It is believed that by speaking a cherished wish into Nandi’s ear, his wish will come true. Before you say your wish to Nandi’s ear, give an auspicious word.

Why do your wishes reach Nandi’s ears? As per the scriptures, Bhagwan Shiva spends most of his time in penance. In such a situation, Nandi is there to not hinder Mahadev’s repentance.

That is why you speak your wish in Nandi’s ear to convey your wish to Lord Shiva.

According to an old belief, Lord Shiva bestowed the boon directly to Nandi that whoever whispers his wish into his ear will surely have all his wishes come true.

Say this before you want.

The word “Om” in the scriptures is considered a symbol of the entire universe.

That’s why you should say the word “Om” before you say your wish to Nandi’s ear. Through this, your desires quickly reach Lord Shiva.

In which ear do you wish?

It is said that you must make a wish in Nandi’s left ear. It is more important to say a wish to this ear. But you can also tell the other ear what you want.

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