North Korea Suspends 5-Year Military Pact With South Korea After Spy Satellite Launch

North Korea suspends 5-year military pact with South Korea after Spy Satellite launch.

Discover the latest geopolitical tensions as North Korea suspends a longstanding military agreement with South Korea in the wake of a controversial spy satellite launch.

Get insights into the escalating situation, international reactions, and Kim Jong Un’s justifications.

North Korea suspends 5-year-old military agreement with South Korea, steps taken after launch of spy satellite.

North Korea has suspended a five-year-old military agreement with South Korea to reduce military tensions.

Pyongyang has taken this step after recently installing its spy satellite in orbit.

It is known that many allied countries of America had termed Tuesday’s satellite launch as a gross violation of United Nations sanctions.

South Korea had partially suspended the agreement.

At the same time, a day after placing the satellite in orbit, South Korea took the step of partially suspending the agreement signed in 2018.

However, after this move by South Korea, Pyongyang said on Thursday that it was completely abandoning the agreement.

North Korea was successful in the third attempt.

It is known that North Korea has placed a spy satellite in orbit with its third launch attempt this year.

At the same time, US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said that Washington strongly condemned North Korea for the launch and said that it increases tensions and risks.

North Korea suspends 5-year military pact: What did Kim Jong say after putting the spy satellite in orbit?

North Korea said on Tuesday it has put its first spy satellite into orbit.

At the same time, North Korea is now receiving international condemnation for violating United Nations resolutions, which prohibit the use of technology applicable to ballistic missile programs.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the launch was an exercise of the right of self-defense.

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