Pakistan Is Planning To Infiltrate a Large Number Of Terrorists

Pakistan is planning to infiltrate a large number of terrorists, the neighboring country wants to bring violence in Kashmir.

Pakistan is planning and engaged in playing a double game on terrorism.

On the one hand, the court there has sentenced Hafiz Saeed, the main accused in the Mumbai attack and two of his accomplices, to be found guilty in terrorist incidents.

But, on the other hand, he is plotting to carry out terror attacks in India afresh.

The Indian Foreign Ministry has once again warned Pakistan in strong terms to stop its policy of helping the terrorists.

On the other hand, Indian intelligence agencies say that Pakistani soldiers deployed along the Indian border are plotting to infiltrate hundreds of terrorists into India.

This is the reason why the attitude of India’s top leadership on international forums has also been very tight in recent times regarding Pakistan.

Islamabad wants to bring violence in Kashmir at all costs after Article 370

Sources in the intelligence agencies say that Pakistan is now working under the changed policy to carry out terrorist incidents in India.

Inciting violence in Jammu and Kashmir is an important part of this new policy.

Since the expiry of Article 370 from Kashmir in August 2019, no major mishap has taken place yet due to the strictness that Indian security agencies have shown.

Pakistan’s conspiracy is that it can be brought to the international level only after large-scale violent incidents in Kashmir.

This is the reason that the incidents of unprovoked firing by the Pak Army on the Indo-Pak border have increased considerably during the last two months.

Sending trained terrorists and arms with them under the cover of firing is an old act of Pakistan.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava says, “Despite repeated requests and the 2003 agreement, the Pakistan Army is continuously firing to cover up intruders.”

Has been There is no shortage of sending terrorists and weapons to the Indian border to incite terrorism in Kashmir. Such incidents of infiltration are not possible without the help of the Pakistani Army.

On 14 November, the Foreign Ministry sent a summons to the Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan High Commission and expressed its displeasure.

On November 13, 2020, there was heavy firing from the Pakistani Army, in which four innocent civilians were killed and 19 people were injured.

We strongly oppose the support the terrorists are getting from Pakistan and we want to remind him that according to the bilateral treaty, he should desist from helping in terrorist activities in India.

Top leadership trying to expose Pak on international forums

India is fully aware of Pakistan’s new intrigues.

Perhaps this is the reason why within the last few days Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar and Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla have put India’s concerns on Pakistan-backed terrorism in very clear terms in many international forums.

At the BRICS Summit on 17 November, Prime Minister Modi appealed to blame countries supporting terrorism.

On November 16, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar had clearly stated that the largest factory of terror in the world is in the neighborhood of India.

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