Pakistani Spy Arrested From Kishtwar In Jammu And Kashmir

Pakistani spy arrested from Kishtwar, he used to work for the Kashmiri Jambaz force. The army has once again achieved great success against terrorism.

A cleric working for Pakistan while living in Kishtwar has been arrested by the army. 22-year-old Maulvi Abdul Wahid used to work for Pakistan’s terrorist organization Kashmiri Jambaz Force.

His job was to collect intelligence related to the army and administration from Kishtwar and transmit it to Pakistan.

According to information received from sources, Maulvi Abdul Wahid teaches in a madrasa in Kishtwar and works as a cleric in a local mosque.

He said that since the fidayeen attack on the Rajouri Army camp, the Military Intelligence Agency and the Jammu and Kashmir Police were trying to find out how the terrorists were getting such information.

During the same investigation, it came to the fore that someone in Kishtwar is giving information about military camps, and routes of infiltration, to the members of the KJF sitting in Pakistan.

Pakistani spy arrested from Kishtwar: When the army reached Kishtwar and furthered the investigation, Maulvi Abdul Wahid was found.

This 22-year-old youth, who teaches in the madrasa and works as a cleric in the mosque, is constantly sending important information about the deployment of the army in Kishtwar to Pakistan.

On confirmation, the army arrested Maulvi Abdul Wahid.

It is being told that in the preliminary interrogation, Wahid has confessed that he works for the Pakistani terrorist organization Kashmiri Jaanbaz Force sitting in Kishtwar.

Apart from this, he was also giving intelligence related to the army to Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI.

Wahid said that he has provided information about the deployment of army personnel posted in Kishtwar, photographs of their officers, and their daily commute.

Apart from this, he was giving information about what can be the routes to infiltrate Kishtwar from Pakistan.

The army is also ascertaining whether Abdul Wahid was involved in the attempt to disturb communal harmony in Kishtwar in the past.

After gathering all the information, the army will present the cleric in the court and will take him on remand for further interrogation.

After the arrest of Abdul Wahid, the Jammu and Kashmir Police are also trying to trace other people connected to his network. After this incident, security forces have been alerted in Kishtwar.

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