Ramanagaram: Hospital Has Caused The Panic Among People

Ramanagaram (Channapatna): Hospital Doctors Yadavattu; Although not tested, the report is positive. The Channapatna Taluk Hospital has caused the public to panic. A person who has not done the test has reported a positive and has caused Janan’s anxiety.

The number of infected people is increasing day by day in the district. Already, in just two months, thousands of border crossers have been attacking coroners. In the meantime, the doctors of Channapatna Taluk Hospital Madiro Yadavadu have caused considerable anxiety.

Aamir John, a resident of Mandipete in Ramanagaram district, Channapatna taluk, has gone for the COVID test on July 29. First, they give you a home address, phone number, and check. The staff at this time provided the testing kit. However, she had returned home without checking that she had been called from home. But yesterday’s mobile number has been positive.

You have also got a positive from the taluk hospital. Family members, worried by this, have not been tested. We have the test kit you gave us. Have questioned how positive it can come. Doctors have returned the kit today for testing. How can a hospital doctor claim to have received a sample of 33 people on July 29 without sending this test kit to Anna’s lab? The test kit has been handed over to the family by the Amir John family.

But there is now the question of who had the test kit sent to the lab when the test kit was in his possession. That test kit is nowhere to be found. Only get in a government hospital. And a person’s name is inscribed on it. So how can a positive report be sent without sending it to the test?

Amir John was tested again yesterday for all the confusion. That report has been negative. The doctor of the taluk hospital is hearing an alarm. The entire taluk hospital is causing a lot of anxiety to the general public due to the jaws of doctors. Those who did not test were also reported as positive. The concerned boss should take note of this.

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