Ramayan Katha: When Ravana Himself Gave Blessings Of Vijayashree To Shriram

Ramayan Katha: When Ravana himself gave blessings of Vijayashree to Shriram, read this story.

Whenever there is talk of the victory of truth over untruth, then the picture of the Ram Ravana’s war emerges in our mind. We also know that it was Lord Shri Ram who killed Ravana.

In such a situation, if someone says that the blessings of victory were given to Shriram by Ravana, then you probably will not accept it.

But it is believed that Ravana blessed Shriram with Vijayashree in the war. Let’s know the interesting story behind it.


Ramayan Katha: Ramji’s concern for the Acharya for this worship.

When Shriram started thinking about the establishment and worship of Jyotirlinga of his deity Devadhidev Mahadev before the war against Ravana, then he was worried as to whom he should invite as Acharya for this worship. In such a great work, only a scholar Acharya could get the worship done.

He wished that such a person should do this work. One who is a follower of both Vaishnava and Shaiva traditions.

Finding a solution to Jamwant ji’s worries.

When this worry started troubling Shri Ram, he sought advice from Richraj Jamwant.

Jamwant Ji thought, why not call Lankadhipati Ravana Acharya because neither there is any greater devotee of Shiva nor any scholar than Ravana.

Jamwant Ji persuades Ravana.

Jamwant Ji, who was a friend of Ravana’s grandfather, went to Lanka to invite Ravana as an Acharya.

Ravana could not turn down the request of his grandfather’s friend and Ravana happily agreed to become an Acharya.

The arrival of Ravana and the blessing of victory to Shriram.

Ravana knew that this deity installation was being done for the purpose of victory in Lanka.

But even then he did not reject this invitation of Jamwant Ji and completed the worship according to the rules and regulations and at the end of the worship gave the blessings of Vijayashree to Shriram.

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