Taliban Strengthened, India’s Concern Increased

Taliban strengthened, India’s concern increased, Jaishankar pointed fingers at Pakistan over a violent situation.

With the withdrawal of most of the US forces from Afghanistan, there has been a period of fierce violence under the leadership of the Taliban.

By Tuesday evening, the army of Taliban militants has occupied the headquarters of many major districts.

Taliban strengthened: Seeing the changing situation, India’s concern has increased.

It is believed that India has also made contact with a faction of the Taliban so that if the Taliban occupy power there in the future, then it will also have a medium of dialogue.

However, India is in the same effort along with other allies including America and Russia, in view of the instability in Afghanistan.

There should be an effort to establish peace under the leadership of the United Nations and the democratic system which has been prepared in the last two decades should be made further. To be taxed

A special discussion on the situation in Afghanistan was held in the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday in which EAM S Jaishankar indirectly targeted Pakistan’s tactics under the guise of the Taliban.

Jaishankar said that there is a need for peace within and around Afghanistan as well.

Taliban strengthened: It is necessary to destroy the bases of terrorist organizations.

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar did not name Pakistan but said that for lasting peace in Afghanistan, it is extremely important to quickly dismantle the safe havens of terrorist organizations there.

There is a need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of terror, including those promoting terrorism from across the border.

It is very important that the land of Afghanistan is not used for any kind of terrorist activities. It is equally important to rein in those who promote or provide funds to terrorists there.

External Affairs Minister stresses economic progress.

Jaishankar emphasized the need for Afghanistan’s economic progress.

For this, he advocated for access to ports and said that the obstacles created in connecting Afghanistan by sea route should be removed at the earliest.

There should be a guarantee of supply of goods to Afghanistan.

Jaishankar also raised this issue in the context of Pakistan, which has created many obstacles in transporting goods from India to Afghanistan by road.

Because of Pakistan, India uses Iran’s Chabahar port to transport goods to Afghanistan.

UNSC came forward to stop the violence.

Jaishankar raised the issue in the United Nations that the ongoing talks to establish peace in Afghanistan have failed.

Underlining the manner in which violence has increased in Afghanistan after May 1, 2021 (starting the withdrawal of US forces).

Jaishankar said that there has been an increase in attacks on religious minorities, schoolgirls, the Afghan army, ulema, journalists, and women officers.

It is necessary that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) arrange for a permanent ceasefire there so that violence is reduced and the lives of the general public are saved.

Pakistan’s revenge attitude.

It should be noted that in this meeting, the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Muhammad Hanif Atmar has also made the same demand that a ceasefire should be announced under the leadership of the UNSC.

However, on the other hand, the attitude of Pakistan seems to have changed completely.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has flatly refused to hold the Taliban responsible for the ongoing violence in Afghanistan.

While the Taliban themselves are taking responsibility for attacking Afghan soldiers in several cities.

Threats to India’s projects.

The reason for India’s growing concern is that India had suffered a lot in the past when the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan.

India has invested more than three billion dollars in 550 small and big projects there. India has also done a lot to strengthen democracy in Afghanistan and to establish it in international business.

On the other hand, with the arrival of the Taliban backed by Pakistan, all these projects can be ruined. Pakistan can harm India’s interests by using the Taliban.

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