Taliban’s Warning To The US, Do Not Try To Weaken Government

Taliban’s warning to the US, do not try to weaken their government, it will harm.

Amir Khan Muteki, Foreign Minister of Afghanistan’s Taliban government, has warned the US not to try to destabilize his government.

Talking to reporters after the face-to-face talks between the representatives of both in Doha, Muteki said that the US has been told very clearly in this regard.

Muteki also said that better relations with the Taliban are beneficial for everyone. No one should try to undermine the government of Afghanistan.

According to Muteki, he has clearly told America in this meeting that no one is going to benefit from Afghanistan’s instability and insecurity there.

This will only cause trouble to the people. After this important meeting in Qatar’s capital, Muteki said these things during a conversation with Afghanistan’s news agency Bakhtar.

Taliban’s warning to the US: Let us tell you that this was his first conversation with the Taliban after leaving America.

The meeting was attended by US State Department Deputy Special Representative Tom West and top USAID official Sarah Charles.

America has said that it will help in the vaccine there to get Afghanistan out of Kovid-19. However, no statement has come out from the US side regarding this meeting.

Muteki says that the US delegation has agreed that it will help Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds. Muteki also said that Afghanistan is going through a very difficult period.

Let this time pass, Afghanistan will come out strong in front of everyone. Muteki has also demanded the lifting of the moratorium on the reserves of Afghanistan’s central bank.

Muteki has also made it clear that no cooperation of any kind will be taken from America to control the terrorist organizations present in Afghanistan.

These talks between the US and the Taliban will continue on Sunday as well. The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan said that the Taliban government wants friendly relations with all.

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