The Withdrawal Of US And NATO Forces From Afghanistan

The withdrawal of US and NATO Forces from Afghanistan.US army’s withdrawal begins amidst ongoing violence in Afghanistan.

According to the announcement of US President Joe Biden, the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan officially began on Saturday.

Even during the withdrawal of the US Army, there is no reduction in violence in the country. In the latest attack, terrorists detonated a car bomb in the capital Logar province. Thirty people died in it.

The process will continue till September 11.

The US had decided to withdraw from May 1. The entire army will return by September 11. More than two and a half thousand American and seven thousand NATO countries troops are currently stationed in Afghanistan.

Before the withdrawal of the foreign army, the whole atmosphere is changed. The army is calculating its belongings. Some goods and weapons lists are being handed over to the Afghan army.

Some goods have been sold in the Afghanistan market and the equipment to be transported to America is being loaded into C-17 cargo aircraft.

Return of army, violence continues.

There has been no decrease in terrorist activities in Afghanistan amid the withdrawal of the army. A car bomb exploded in a crowded area in front of Pul A Alam Hospital and a guesthouse in eastern Logar province on Friday.

It was a suicide attack. 70 people have been injured here, with 30 civilians dead. Many of the injured are serious. The explosion has severely damaged the hospital building and ambulance, the front guest house.

Health workers have also been reported injured. Most of the victims of the bombings were students who had come to take university exams.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Afghanistan’s defense minister has blamed the Taliban for this.

India said on military dictatorship in UN – Myanmar leaders should be released soon.

India has stated in the UN Security Council that violence in Myanmar should stop immediately. Leaders and other political prisoners should be released to establish peace.

All 15 member countries met on Friday on the issue of Myanmar at the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

At the meeting, India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, said that the decisions of ASEAN, an organization of southeast countries, on five points regarding Myanmar are welcome.

India wants to strengthen ASEAN’s efforts. India said in the Security Council that we want political prisoners to be released.

On February 1, the military regime junta overpowered the government and removed the democratic government, and arrested more than 3400 political people, including the people-elect leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

In the ASEAN meeting recently, five points were discussed in the presence of the Myanmar military chief.

In which five points were agreed, including the closure of violence, the release of political people, meaningful dialogue from all sides. TS Thirumurthy also tweeted in relation to India’s side in the Security Council.

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